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    The school has obtained the IBDP certificate and the authorization to teach IB from the 2020/21 school year by the International Baccalaureate Organization® to guarantee students a complete cycle of studies.

    Ukulele workshop

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    (Friday afternoon)

    The intrument
    The ukulele is a real musical instrument, originally from Hawaii, which is lucky enough to be small and therefore within the reach of children. It is also a tool that allows you to approach and develop the main elements of music: rhythm, harmony, melody and the ability to sing, that is, to express oneself with the personal instrument of the voice.
    With little technical knowledge of the instrument it is possible to actively participate, and thanks to the strength of the group, in the musical situations that are proposed.

    The workshop
    Singing and ukulele are the strength of the workshop. Vocal expression and experimentation with the use of a musical instrument allow us to create an environment of education to music, sociality and creativity. We learn to play and sing songs and invent new ones together; we face the rhythm with the game, with the voice, with the body and with the instrument; we give birth to musical ideas and we share them. In this way, the ear and the musical mind can only gradually form and develop, so that in the future the ukulele workshop was a prerequisite for directing one’s interest in music towards other musical instruments as well.

    We propose the formation of groups (max 10 participants) based on age groups:
    • 7-10 years
    • 11-13 years
    * The purchase of the instrument is recommended, however some ukuleles will be made available.

    Packages of 10 lessons – 100 CHF.



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