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    The school has obtained the IBDP certificate and the authorization to teach IB from the 2020/21 school year by the International Baccalaureate Organization® to guarantee students a complete cycle of studies.

    SOSteniAMOci con-TATTO

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    This long and demanding period of “social distancing”, in which essays, class meetings and community celebrations have come to an end, finally wants to re-emerge seeds of solidarity, of values ​​and talents inherent in each of us.

    Therefore we would like to reactivate, under renewed form and name, what were once called the school friendly pages .

    The latter, for those who had not experienced them, were economic agreements that were stipulated between the school and the countless work activities (i.e. the talents) of the individual components of our school community and / or the similar and synergistic activities that we find on our territory. These were collected through a booklet to which everyone could join or draw as needed.

    For example: if any of you are looking for a hairdresser, in the booklet you will find a list of hairdressers who support the school through a percentage contribution (sponsors). By taking advantage of this service, the buyer is therefore aware of supporting both the individual craftsman and the school.

    The renewed formula will be both in paper form and inserted on a dedicated page within our online site, in order to keep membership open throughout the year.

    We believe that the right time has come to recreate this beautiful form of mutual support.
    We therefore ask all of you, interested in this project, to join using the button below, specifying the type of activity you would like to promote, the address of the activity and telephone and / or email contact.

    Registration includes a fee of 21.- francs (one-time annual fee), which allows us to pay for the membership cards, the printing of the booklet and the inclusion in the dedicated page on the website of the school. Furthermore, an agreement with the contracting party for a percentage of the turnover will be established ad personam, according to the various needs. However, a detailed regulation will follow as soon as we see that there is a willingness to join this initiative.


    Naturally, suggestions for activities close to the school are also welcome, so that we can contact and make sure of the feasibility of an agreement and collaboration.

    We remain available at the following email address for any questions that may arise in this regard:

    support [email protected]

    We thank the first collaborators for their care and precious help, wishing everyone happy days.

    The SOsteniAMOci con-TATTO team


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