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    The school has obtained the IBDP certificate and the authorization to teach IB from the 2020/21 school year by the International Baccalaureate Organization® to guarantee students a complete cycle of studies.

      FOR SEPTEMBER 2022




    Il Bocciolo nursery responds to the need of families to reconcile work / study and childcare, offering a place to leave their children with serenity. The minimum frequency is 3 mornings a week .
    The nursery is open all year, except during the Christmas holidays. The opening hours are from 7.30am to 6.30pm, from Monday to Friday.


    We are authorized by the FOAG to welcome 24 children from 1-4 years old and we are working to be able to welcome the baby group (0-1 year old) shortly. Families can apply for cantonal subsidies.


    Registrations are open at any time of the year, based on availability.
    The fee includes: creams, towels, bedding, diapers, wipes, bibs. It is billed starting from the week in which the acclimatization begins. The contract is for an indefinite period and it is always possible to cancel it with 2 months’ notice. Once a year it is possible to request, always with 2 months’ notice, not to attend a monthly salary and to have a 30% discount on this. In case of absences due to illness and with a medical certificate, from the third week it is possible to have a discount.


    Surrounded by natural woods and 200 meters from the Origlio lake is the Il Bocciolo nursery school.
    Children are welcomed in a structure made entirely of wood, with large windows that let in natural light and overlook the articulated garden with forest trees, playground and space to grow aromatic plants. Inside, the soft colors, the wooden games and the fabrics make playing cozy and pleasant. Meals are vegetarian and mainly prepared with organic or zero-kilometer foods.

    To make an appointment, to visit the structure without obligation and to get information regarding the rates:


    or send an email to:
    [email protected]

    Alternatively, call 077 441 16 03 or 091 966 2962.


    Early childhood is the foundation of a person’s biography, therefore it must be taken into consideration by the educational system so that the conditions exist to allow the creation of a positive basis of reference.

    Guidance framework for early childhood training, education and reception in Switzerland. Swiss Commission for UNESCO

    Walking – Speaking – Thinking

    These are the wonderful achievements of the child’s first three years of life. Creating the best conditions for this to happen is our task.

    The nursery where all the children…

    … They feel right at home

    In the enchanting setting of the forest, near the natural oasis of Lake Origlio, children are welcomed in a house built to their size with all natural and eco-sustainable materials.

    The magic of the wide spaces, the scent of wood, the soft cushions and corners, the radiant light from the large windows create the best place to spend your days with joy and serenity.

    The play corners with their deliberately soft shapes represent, on the one hand, safe, comfortable and warm spaces, in which to be enveloped in delicate atmospheres with soft colors, on the other, a continuous inspiration for play and growth.

    For Waldorf pedagogy, loving dedication to the care of the spaces that welcome the child and the atmospheres that can be encountered in them thanks to the attentive presence of the educator is of great importance.

    … They develop imagination and creativity

    The choice of games and materials is also fundamental, simple and natural and at the same time incredibly rich and able to diversify, to lend themselves to the role and task that the child’s imagination will assign him. The simple and poorly defined toy, without a single direction of use, allows a vivid imaginative activity by the child, who can now transform it from a spoon to … a policeman’s paddle … a magic wand.
    And here is that the rag doll with the features just mentioned allows the child to make her live now smiling and carefree, now sad and frowning.

    Imaginative capacity and creativity are favored and are developing as the little ones grow up allowing them to experiment with role-playing games that are gradually more complex.
    Thanks to the cloths for the disguises they can become now King, now a baker, fireman, astronaut or horse; the older children explore multiple possibilities and transformations, the little ones find, in the gesture of the adult who assists them in simple disguises, care and care.

    For the freedom it leaves the child and respect for his time and spontaneity, free play is usually the activity that is encountered at the moment of reception.

    … They learn through play and imitation in a breath of freedom

    The day in the pre-kindergarten lives in a breath favored by the alternation of moments of free play and “expansion” with others of concentration, through specific activities that involve staying still and dedicating oneself to guided proposals. In a domestic and family situation, in which the main activities are the traditional ones of the hearth, each child will be free to imitate the attentive gestures of the adult, spontaneously participating in what is proposed.

    So it is not unusual, in our kindergartens for children, that at the same time there are children engaged in a proposed activity, for example kneading bread or biscuits, and children still intent on their free imaginative games: everyone has their own times. and its rhythms, which are recognized and lovingly welcomed by the educator.

    At the beginning of the day, during the reception, children find a space that offers them simple games that can be easily transformed with imagination for free play. Through which they can enter into a relationship with space, with others, with educators, according to individual inclinations and times. The children then start the day with a wide breath, under the watchful eye of the adult, free to experience sociality and spaces.

    After this moment some activities enliven the morning, making bread, washing, cultivating and taking care of the small aromatic plants. Never obligatory activities which everyone approaches spontaneously.

    Even a snack and helping to prepare it can be a very concrete activity that is brought to meet children, and which favors the development of autonomy and skills; its consumption also represents a moment of concentration, in which children learn to sit at the table and the conditions for a first composed and respectful sociality.

    Here again arises the healthy need for a breath in expansion, which in the beauty of any season, with sun or rain, takes place in our beautiful garden, where children can play by developing a free motor and perceptual experimentation with games. respectful and enriching their fine sensitivity, or discover the little wonders of life by taking care of an aromatic plant or getting to know a snail or a ladybug.

    … playfully encounter the art of language and communication

    Lullabies and nursery rhymes, chants and tiritere mark the days and seasons, in a calibrated and careful rhythm aimed at weaving and fostering a deep relationship with the world. Thus the language with its musicality delicately approaches the child’s world of feeling.

    The circle: the ideal and concrete place in which this meeting takes place by fostering relationship and reciprocity and giving the archetypal context to develop a healthy sociality and sharing, respecting the specificities and value of each one.

    The encounter with the word takes place in the lightness of a song or a rhyme story, magically animated by finger puppets that accompany the child through atmospheres that are now open, serene and sunny, now dark and mysterious, until the characters meet joyfully.

    … They develop clear thinking thanks to simple and healthy images and activities

    From the open observation by the small child of the world and of life, in the face of the attentive and loving gestures of the present adult, role play spontaneously arises.
    Thus the small child can stand up thanks to the discreet presence of the adult and the loving inner posture of him.

    Simple and concrete manual activities and imaginative playful proposals, conveyed by stories and tales, favor moments of playful and refined gestures that allow a better and broad development of the organs responsible for clear thinking.

    Through the multiplicity of experiences and natural and true materials, a richness is offered in our nests, with which the child shapes and structures his physicality and his perceptive organs.

    Healthy growth is fostered through a serene encounter with reality in its concreteness and integrity.

    Ultimately, it is a simple wisdom of educating, which knows how to nourish children and excite the parents who meet it, who will be able to draw from it valid tools thanks to which, even at home, they can be helped to accompany their child in the growth.



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