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    From 24 November to 1 December:
    photo shows THROUGH OUR EYES

    Opening November 24, 2019 at 3:00 pm
    Skype call with Nicolò Govoni at 16:00

    From 25/11 to 27/11 8: 30-16: 00
    The 28/11 8: 30-20: 00
    Closed on 29/11
    From 30/11 to 1/12 10: 00-17: 00

    For information: 0041919662962

    WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU! [/ themeone_custom_font]

    The boys of the 11th grade of the Rudolf Steiner school in Origlio with their teacher Juan Sabatino inaugurated yesterday, November 24, the exhibition “Through Our Eyes” photographs taken by young refugees on the island of Samos – Greece. The exhibition is set up in the physics classroom in our school and was set up by our students. We had the great pleasure of inaugurating the exhibition with the precious interventions of Nicolò Govoni , founder of the ONLUS [1] Still I Rise and with Nicoletta Novara creator of the exhibition and teacher of photography. In the room we had the pleasure of hosting Stefano Ferrari , director of numerous documentaries, many of which are dedicated to the theme of migration, and today he is an active collaborator of CSR (Stories broadcast) and independent. He won the Prix Europa with the recent documentary “But when does mommy arrive?” produced by “Storie”, dedicated to a Syrian child who for years has been waiting for his mother stuck in Iraq. With our school he has already collaborated in the past with high school kids allowing them to turn their gaze on apparently distant worlds. Morena Ferrari Gamba , MFG member of the Human Rights Foundation, the Foundation, among other things, organizes the Film Festival for Human Rights to which school children are invited every year. Marco Mari Grego professor of history and literature at the Steiner school in Origlio and the journalist and writer of fairy tales Francesco Muratori, not being able to come, made us tell through his writing about his experience on the island of Samos this summer. The afternoon was moderated by Paola Nurnberg, a journalist for CSR, who works in the editorial office of the news as an editor, correspondent and presenter. She has worked as an economic editor in New York, in the editorial board of Tg4, as the author of the Top Secret program, in the editorial office of Euronews in Lyon, for the Corriere della Sera and in other important online newspapers. We will conclude the inauguration with excerpts from the documentaries directed by Stefano Ferrari.

    There is the possibility to buy Nicolò Govoni’s books, this sale will contribute to the construction of the school in Turkey and the good functioning of the “Mazi” school in Samos and the DVD by Stefano Ferrari “Under the same sky”.

    The exhibition will remain open to the public and to the classes of middle schools, high schools, professional schools, etc .:

    Monday 25 November from 8.30 to 16.00

    Tuesday 26 November from 8.30 to 16.00

    Wednesday 27 November from 8.30 to 16.00

    Thursday 28 November from 8.30 to 20.00

    Friday 29 November closed

    Saturday 30 November from 10.00 to 17.00

    Sunday 1st December from 10.00 to 17.00

    Allow me to say a few words about the founder of the ONLUS Still I Rise, Nicolò Govoni. 26-year-old boy from Cremona, he already has 6 years of humanitarian works behind him and two questions to the European Parliament on the crimes of the hotspot [2] ( -9-2019-002345-EN.html). With two colleagues, Giulia Cicoli and Sarah Ruzek, he founded the Still I Rise association which currently operates in Samos, on the Aegean Sea in Greece not far from the Turkish coast, and in Istanbul, Turkey. In Samos there is a Hotspot built for 650 people, but which currently contains almost 6 thousand. In this context, they opened the “Mazì” school which in Greek means together. The school, which opens at 8.45 am and closes at 6.30 pm, shelters 150 children and young people aged 11 to 17. In this place they can enjoy the right to education, denied for months by procedural malfunctions and by the corruption of the authorities, which are weighing on the Greek crisis. In Mazì, students can go back to cultivating themselves, restoring what was taken from their refugee childhood.

    Before landing in the Greek Hotspot, Nicolò, at the age of 20, was a volunteer at an orphanage in India, where he opened his eyes to a $ 170 billion business, a business that profits from the enthusiasm and ingenuity of volunteers, often causing damage to the community they intended to help. This is voluntaryism . To oppose this phenomenon, Nicolò decides to transform his summer experience into a life choice. After a fundraiser that allows him to help build a multipurpose room at “his” orphanage, Nicolò moves to India, where he teaches disadvantaged children and studies journalism at the university.

    In July 2017 he left India with the awareness of having created stability in the orphanage and with the promise of continuing to help from a distance. And so it is, with the sale of his book “Bianco come Dio” published by Rizzoli, this year he managed to finance the construction of a library for the orphanage. The bond continues, it is never interrupted.

    His desire to continue helping children led him to the island of Samos as a volunteer in an NGO [3]. You have enough time to realize how corrupt the system is. He decides to leave the NGO and founds his ONLUS. In August 2018, Mazì opens, the first school for refugee children and adolescents on the island. In Mazì they teach English and Greek every day, mathematics and history, geography and art, dance and computer science, carpentry and photography. They serve breakfast and lunch every day, and dinner every Saturday evening. The school has deserved success both in Italy and abroad, and the children learn happily: it is an oasis of peace.

    In October, Nicolò and his collaborators decide to open an international school in Turkey with the aim of saving those children the boats, the hotspot and a Europe unable to welcome them. They are not opening a simple school, they are opening the first International School for refugees in the world, a door to a more just tomorrow, to give them back the future that the war has stolen from them. The school will allow them to graduate and enter Europe legally or go home and rebuild. They will open it to revolutionize the world of education. They will open it above all to change the world through education.

    Mazì means together , and together with you we would like to help him carry out this important project for a world that is in great need of education. Here are some suggestions of how we can all be involved in this change:

    • By attending the opening on November 24. Together we will encourage, with our support and warmth, those young children whose mission is to protect the most vulnerable children, help them discover their potential and offer them a fair opportunity. They see the intrinsic value of people from every country and culture, they recognize students as not passive recipients, but as active participants in their education.
    • Visiting the exhibition, bringing friends and relatives, inviting school groups . Because only with knowledge can we break down the barriers to the source of prejudice and racism. Let’s look with our own eyes at what the refugee children have photographed, let’s try to identify with them by reading the words they wrote. Let’s get close to them to understand and understand them.
    • By purchasing the books that Nicolò wrote and through which he opens the doors of the orphanage first and then of the hotspot. “White as God” and “If he were your son”, both published by Rizzoli.
    • Following it on FB . Support gives them great courage because they feel the strength that sustains them with every step they take:
      a ogni loro passo:

      • Nicolò Govoni
      • Still I Rise
      • Through our eyes
    • By informing us through the videos published on the internet . Among these I suggest you to view the conference he held in Milan on October 6 in which he explains his project for the international school. The film lasts about forty minutes and is entitled “ Nicolò Govoni: Talent and creativity at the service of others”.
      • be/ON9x3H6m7RI
    • By donating to the account:
      IBAN: IT72W0303240110010000024523
      SWIFT: BACRIT21571
    • On the occasion of Christmas or birthdays asking our loved ones to make a donation to Nicolò’s NPO instead of giving us a gift.

    The confirmation of participation in the event organized by the XI class of the Steiner School of Origlio is welcome but even without this the doors of our school will be open!

    “If terrorism can be cultivated, it is not in their countries that it happens, but in ours. The hotspot is a factory of despair. “

    “I say enough. The Samos hotspot is a state refugee camp, and therefore financed by the European Union. The EU has allocated 1.5 billion euros for Greece to manage the migrant crisis. What happened to our money? Are we paying them to make desperate people, or are we paying them to silence everything? Time to say enough together. ”

    “Celebrating life is making the best use of it, and relieving the pain of others is the best life I can live.”

    “One person at a time, one smile at a time. This is how the world changes. ”

    Nicolò Govoni (passages taken from the book “If it were your son” and from posts found on his facebook pages)

    “If not us who? If not now when? “ (passage taken from the book” If it were your son “and from posts found on the facebook pages, in dialogue with a quote from Primo Levi and Rabbi Hillel)

    [1] ONLUS Abbreviation of Non-Profit Organization of Social Utility, an organization that deals, without profit and with public authorization, of problems of social utility (assistance, education, re-education, recovery of marginalized…

    [2] HOTSPOT Hotspots are structures created to quickly identify migrants; in addition to the recognition in these structures, the registration of the migrant , the photo-signaling and the collection of fingerprints are also carried out.

    [3] NGO acronym for non-governmental organization, a non-profit organization, mostly of a humanitarian nature, which in developing countries manages, on behalf of the government of one or more developed countries or international organizations, some essential services (school, health, agricultural development, etc.) or carries out socially useful activities.


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