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    Folders and postcards of the XII class

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    For a few weeks, we boys and girls of the seventh class, together with the teacher Giada, have started the economic project in support of the economic era!

    The project involved the production of document holders in decorated paper. We started from the idea of creating something that could be both useful and artistic at the same time and with the work of our hands we have created an artisanal production.

    The concrete work started from the research and purchase of the necessary materials and from the division of the work among us, for a more effective production.

    Parallel to the concrete work, we developed the accounting part on the notebook.
    Our folders immediately aroused curiosity and interest and, if our project is successful, the profit will go to support our future school trips.

    After a lot of work and commitment, we are almost at the end of production and sale!

    For any purchases of our work you can contact the cafeteria or seventh class.


    With the help of the master of art, we have also prepared Christmas greeting cards.

    Happy holidays everyone!

    The seventh class


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