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    The school has obtained the IBDP certificate and the authorization to teach IB from the 2020/21 school year by the International Baccalaureate Organization® to guarantee students a complete cycle of studies.

    Organic fruit and vegetable market

    We look forward to seeing you every Wednesday from 8.10am to 12pm
    (we follow the school calendar)
    You can find us in the refectory of the canteen.
    See you soon!
    Miriam and Fedra
    N.B. All proceeds are donated to the school

    We favor loose and local items [/ themeone_custom_font]

    Shopping list of March 4, 2020
    price product origin
    8.9 mz green asparagus bunch of 500 gr Italy
    4.65 kg beets Swiss
    3.6 kg broccoli Italy
    6.35 kg purple artichokes Italy
    3.80 kg carrot Swiss
    4.70 kg catalonia Italy
    5.05 kg chicory puntarelle Italy
    4.15 kg cauliflower Italy
    3.4 mz Tuscan black cabbage 500 gr Italy
    5.70 kg Roman cabbage Italy
    2.20 mz bunch chicory Ticino
    4.25 kg onions Swiss
    2.60 mz onions Ticino
    4.95 kg pink ribs Italy
    3.95 kg fennel Italy
    2.90 sac mung bean sprouts 250 gr Swiss
    2.70 pcs batavia lettuce Ticino
    2.70 pcs red oak leaf per piece Ticino
    6.85 kg leeks Swiss
    2.10 mz radishes Ticino
    2.00 mz wild rocket Ticino
    6.35 kg green celery Italy
    10.35 kg spinach with root Ticino
    9.05 kg ginger Peru
    4.15 kg zucchini Italy
    10.90 kg avocado hass Italy
    2.95 kg blond oranges Italy
    3.10 kg tarot oranges Italy
    3.45 kg banana Dom. rep.
    6.60 kg kiwi Swiss
    3.55 kg lemon Italy
    3.85 kg mandarins Italy
    6.10 kg braeburn apples Swiss
    6.75 kg pere alexander lucas Swiss
    3.35 sac raw sauerkraut 500 gr Swiss