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    April 22 World Earth Day

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    “Let us ensure that our age is remembered for the awakening of a new respect for life, for the tenacity in achieving sustainability, for a renewed commitment to the struggle for justice and peace and for the joyful celebration of life.”


    22 April celebrates World Earth Day

    … information has circulated, the desire to do something has been shared between parents and teachers and thus, by combining ideas and skills, our small contribution to this day is taking shape.

    We want to celebrate together Thursday 22 April stopping at the end of the school from about 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm.
    Meeting in the square.

    We would like to take the time to dedicate our thoughts to the planet which so generously hosts life and at the same time is sustained by it. We would like to do it starting from the Earth that we have nearby: our school and the woods that surround it.

    Those who cannot be there on Thursday 22nd and still want to unite their thoughts, can do so by leaving a note on the tree in the square that will remain decorated for the next few days for this anniversary.

    Thanks in advance for your participation.

    World Earth Day

    An anniversary that sprouted in 1962 and consolidated over the years until it was established in 1970. Over time, it has become a movement that promotes actions and projects for the protection of the Planet and the growth of an environmental awareness, this event today collects the adhesion of 190 Countries.

    Despite this, the Earth is increasingly in need of attention, more and more fragile and more and more compromises are the balances that sustain Life. To reverse this trend, more and more people, associations, institutions are committed at a local and global level to seek new ways of coexistence with the Planet. This inevitably means finding new ways of coexistence even among people because peace and the protection of life are inextricably linked.


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